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About Spencer

Spencer For Portland

I want Portland to grow into the incredible city everyone hopes it can become. But it won’t be easy. I grew up in the Portland area and I’ve seen it change. Fortunately, I can still afford rent. A lot of us can’t. And a lot of us are waking up one day seeing our neighborhoods change, and not always for the better. I think we can do better though and that’s why I’m running for Portland City Council Position No. 3. I want to represent the future of Portland and make sure we grow in the right way with everyone involved and engaged.

I believe city government can work for all Portlanders, not just landowners and developers. I’m asking you to give me the opportunity to listen to your ideas and concerns and take them to City Hall to make Portland work better for you. Our city and its government is all we have and it’s up to us to make sure it’s doing the right thing.

As a small business owner, I know the hardship of minimum wage employees, the details of taxes, permits and other “costs of doing business.” As a board member of the Stadium District Business Association I’ve been on the forefront of the development process and its neighborhood impacts. Through my involvement with the state’s high school ski organization, I see our region’s youth enjoying a natural environment we cannot take for granted.

While a radio announcer at OPB, I spent years keeping close track of the news. Now I want to do something about the news and make Portland a better place for us all.


Local Radio – OPB Radio 2010-2017, KBOO Radio 2005-2010
Small Business Owner – The Civic Taproom and Bottle Shop, LLC est. 2014, Board Member of Stadium District Business Association
Ski Coach – Head Coach Lake Oswego Ski Team, President Three Rivers Ski League, Board Member of Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association
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Spencer resigned from his position at OPB Oct. 20. He served as newscaster and producer on the All Things Considered afternoon news program since 2014. He began working at OPB in 2010. Spencer is a founding owner of The Civic Taproom and Bottle Shop, which opened in 2014 and is a board member of the Stadium District Business Association. He’s also active in the Goose Hollow Foothills League, having lived in the neighborhood from 2012-2016. Spencer now lives in the Kerns neighborhood with his fiancee, Kristen.